Monday, 10 November 2014

We had a corny day!!

One way to celebrate the fall harvest is to EAT! So, we ate! We spent the day learning about corn and how it grows. We were also amazed at all of the products around us that contain corn. Do you think that any of the following items contain corn?

chewing gum
car tires
corn chips
latex paint

Surprise!!! All of these items contain corn. We were amazed at all of the things that contain corn products! What other items can you find that contain corn? Please comment below when you find something.


Sunday, 2 November 2014

We are a bunch of turkeys!

Do you know what a group of turkeys is called? A gobble? A flock? No, they are actually called a rafter! That is something new that I learned tonight! What have you learned recently that surprised you?

To celebrate Thanksgiving Day, we wrote poems telling the things that we are thankful for. Many people in our class are thankful for their wonderful families. We made a turkey frame and put the poem in the middle.

Terry Fox Run

Our school participated in its 22nd annual Terry Fox Run on October 3, 2014. We were very excited to head to Crescent Park on this beautiful Autumn day to take part in this fun event. There were lots of parents who joined us. In the morning, we had an assembly to get us ready. Then we walked to the park, did some stretching and lined up, eager to start.

We did it!!

Friday, 21 February 2014

Mmmm...we like to cook, and eat!!

Our first cooking group made delicious pizza! They had to read the recipe, measure the ingredients and mix them all together. They made the pizza dough and the sauce, and grated all the cheese.

 The cheese has been grated and is ready to go!